Kingdom Preparatory Academy Faculty

All Kingdom Preparatory Academy faculty and staff members are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and live their lives according to His statutes. Each faculty member is committed to the highest standards of education and believes that the family is the primary source of education for every child. They also believe that teaching at KPA is a calling God has put upon their hearts. All faculty of Kingdom Preparatory Academy possess at least a Bachelors Degree in their field of study.

  Name Department
  Holly Alexander Grammar School Academic Dean
  Darra Brown Elementary
  Teri Cepica Math
  Jaree' Conklin History, Journalism, Leadership, Dean of Student Life
  Jennifer Dickens Elementary
  Megan Franks Schools of Logic & Rhetoric Academic Dean
  Annette Evers Teaching Assistant
  Emily Jenkins Athletics
  Pam McPherson History & Math
  Gail Peters Elementary
  Marsha Ramirez Math
  Jill Robison Art
  DeLeisha Sheppard Music
  Denise Sherrod English
  Allison Smith Choir
  Rhonda Smith Math & Science
  Dana Squires Event Coordinator
  Jared Squires Headmaster
  Tara Thrash English & Science
  David Unfred Science

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