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School Board

Unlike a public school board that is designed for board members to represent the interests of their constituents, the board at KPA is responsible for representing the interests of the mission of the school. KPA has adopted a two-tiered volunteer school board structure. The top tier is the Council of Trustees whose function is primarily to protect the mission and identity of the school's core commitments. The Board of Governors advance the mission of the school by crafting and executing a strategic plan as well as supporting and supervising the Head of School.

Council of Trustees

Jon Jackson, Chair

Jon and his wife Amanda have deep West Texas roots, raising their three children here in Lubbock. Cambrey, Connor and Eva all attended KPA from kindergarten through 12th grade (Connor and Eva beginning in pre-school). Jon and Amanda both served lengthy terms on the governing school board, and continue to be fervent supporters of the school and its mission.

Dr. Peter Martens

I and my wife Nicole have three children: Naomi, Anna, and Isaac, KPA classes of 2019, 2022, and 2026, respectively. We also have equal that number of cats, a dog, and various aquatic creatures under our care. I am faculty member in the School of Music at Texas Tech University, as well as the chair of the Department of Interdisciplinary Arts.

Dr. Jared Squires

Jared Squires has been blessed to serve in the classical, Christian, collaborative school movement for the past 20+ years as a co-founder of Kingdom Prep, governing school board member, and head of school for more than a decade. Jared and his wife, Dana, first learned about Christian collaborative schools in the fall of 1999 when their daughter, who is now 30, was in the first grade at a local public school. At that key moment in their life, the Lord began to prompt them in a number of areas regarding what His plans were for their three children’s education, as well as His plans for their careers. In January of 2000, Jared and Dana visited the first collaborative school in Arlington, Texas, along with its founders, and have been passionate about this model of education since that time. The Squires family has been impacted dramatically by the formation and continued development of Kingdom Prep and are thankful for the opportunity to continue serving in an advisory role, as needed, from a distance.   

Board of Governors

Stan Scarborough, Chair

Personal: My wife and I, Amanda,  have been married for 24 years and are parents to 3 wonderful children. Banner (class of 2022) and Hope (class of 2023) are graduates of KPA and Lily is currently a 10th grader at KPA.

Why KPA? This school has been such a blessing to our family.  The education is challenging but also rewarding.  KPA's biblical values are aligned with our families biblical values and that is rare these days.  We are now seeing the good fruit of investing into our children's education.  Their roots are deep in their faith in Christ and they are prepared to launch into the world to be a light.

Jeff R. Lashaway, Treasurer

Personal: I am married to Diana, and between us we have five children: Lily, Ben, Sam, Cannon, and Elizabeth.   Lily (Class of 2020) and Ben (Class of 2023) are graduates of KPA, and Sam is currently in the 11th Grade at KPA.

Why KPA? We have been at KPA since my oldest was in Kindergarten (2007). It has been and continues to be a great experience for our family.    The collaborative approach used by KPA (partnering with parents) and its emphasis on excelling in godly wisdom and education were what drew us in. The fact that KPA continues to pursue these worthy standards and the close family we found at KPA (students, parents, teachers and administrators) are the reasons we are still here.

Stephanie Sands, Secretary

Personal: My husband, Greg, and I are the parents of four amazing children: Cade (Junior in college), Reese (Freshman in college), Hudson (10th grade), and Harrison (5th grade).

Why KPA? Our family has been privileged to be a part of KPA since 2015 and we don’t think you’ll find a better community anywhere else. We love being able to partner with incredibly gifted teachers as we shape the hearts and minds of our children using a rigorous classical curriculum that continually points our family back to Christ

Heather Bolin

Personal: My husband Jody and I are the proud parents of Linden Elizabeth (5th) and Beckam Mack (3rd). We've been at KPA since 2018.

Why KPA? Time, community, and academic excellence. KPA has been a great balance of our desire to have more time and influence in our children's education while also providing a sweet community of families to share in this season. The faculty and staff genuinely care for and challenge us each school year. We are grateful to be a part of this community and God's work here!

Zach Holtzman

Personal: My wife, Jenifer, and I are grateful to be parents to Preston (11th grade), Garrett (9th grade), and Ethan (6th grade).

Why KPA? KPA’s high-quality classical education for our kids is certainly one reason. We also love the collaborative model where we get to have more family time thanks to the home days. We have been able to experience the value of home days where our three boys have been able to spend more time with each other through these formative years. The value of more family time will always be one of the biggest returns on investment through our time at KPA.

Jacky Howard

Personal: My wife of 30 years, Sharee, and I are proud parents of my daughter Lexi, KPA grad 2021, and Luke, 8th grade

Why KPA? We chose Kingdom Preparatory Academy 15 years ago for the purpose of partnering with Christian educators to instill a biblical worldview for our children to flourish in any avenue they pursue.

Rebecca Pendergrass

Personal: I have been married to Tim for 21 years, and we are proud parents of Josh (12th grade), Maddie (11th grade), David (8th grade), and Luke (2nd grade).  Josh, Maddie, and David attend KPA.  Luke attends Honey Elementary School.

Why KPA? We appreciate the kind, Christian atmosphere that surrounds our kids at KPA and strongly believe the environment sets it apart. The collaborative model has been an excellent fit for our family. The time together at home is such a blessing. We are grateful to be a part of this community and value the classical education KPA provides.  

John DePoe, Head of School (ex officio, non-voting member)

Personal: My wife, Jeannie, teaches Latin for grades 4-7. We have three children enrolled at KPA: Phoebe (KPA class of 2030), Lydia (KPA class of 2032), and Timmy (KPA class of 2035).

Why KPA? A classical, Christian, collaborative school brings together rigorous, well-rounded education with the Christian worldview and parental involvement. This is where I want to teach and where I want my kids to learn. In what other school do students learn about Herodotus, Augustine, Alcuin, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, George Washington, and Frederick Douglass?