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School of Rhetoric

The School of Rhetoric (grades 9 to 12) inspires and challenges students to grow in their learning through a rigorous and advanced course of study.  Students take classes on a college-style schedule that prepares them for the time management and maturity that is required for academic success in higher education. All academic classes are taught at an honors level, and earning a KPA diploma requires taking course work that exceeds the state's standards in math, science, fine arts, and foreign languages in addition to courses in discipleship, Latin, logic, and rhetoric. The literature and history curriculum makes use of great books and primary sources with a focus on different eras in Western civilization: ancient for 9th grade; medieval for 10th grade; early modern for 11th grade; and modern for 12th grade. In their senior year, all students must prepare, deliver, and defend a senior thesis in accordance with the canons of classical rhetoric.

Graduates who receive the education offered at KPA will not just be smart and academically prepared for college, but they will also be characterized as young men and women who love God, love learning, and love to apply their learning to their faith.

In addition to rigorous academics, the School of Rhetoric offers opportunities for students to participate in athletics, fine arts, student life extracurricular programs.

Senior Thesis

Evan delivers his senior thesis with conviction.